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Common Processes
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A new asset is received

  • Purchaser receives the equipment and informs the Administrator
  • Administrator clicks 'New Asset' and enters the info into the system where it is intially assigned to general assets
  • Administrator assigns the asset to Employee
  • Purchaser, Employee or third party moves the asset to the employee's office

An asset becomes surplus

  • Employee requests an 'Asset Transfer' to Surplus on the system
  • Administrator approves the request
  • Employee receives a confirmation message
  • Employee or third party moves asset into storage

An asset gets sent to NCR Warehouse

  • Administrator sends an e-mail to 'NCR Warehouse' with surplus details
  • NCR Warehouse picks up the equipment
  • Administrator transfers the asset on the system to 'Retired'

An asset is signed out for a length of time

  • Employee browses for valid dates and enters the sign in/sign out time on the system
  • Employee takes asset for specified time and returns it on the due date
  • Employee clicks 'Sign In' on the corresponding asset on the system on the system

An asset needs to be signed in

  • Employee returns asset before or on scheduled due date
  • Employee clicks 'Sign In' on the corresponding asset on the system on the system

An asset changes ownership from one employee to another

  • Employee requests an Asset Transfer on the system
  • Employee selects which licenses will remain with the asset and when the asset is to be transfered
  • Administrator approves the transfer
  • Employee receives confirmation of the transfer
  • Employee delivers/picks up asset to/from other employee

A new employee is hired

  • Manager informs Administrator that a new employee is being hired
  • Administrator clicks 'New Employee' and enters the new information into the system

An employee leaves the organization

  • Manager informs Administrator that an employee is leaving the organization
  • Administrator deactivates the Employee on system

A new license is purchased

  • Purchaser informs Administrator of new license
  • Administrator enters new information into the system

A license is transferred out of the organization

  • Employee informs Administrator of transfer
  • Administrator erases the software license

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