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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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How do I add an asset to an employee's asset listing?
If the asset is not in the system, you can add it by clicking 'New Asset'. If the asset exists, you can find it by browsing the listings or searching for it. Once it is found, click the Transfer tab to request a change of ownership. The transfer request is then submitted for approval by the administrator.

How do I remove an asset from an employee's asset listing?
To remove the asset from your listing, click the asset tag number to bring you to assets screen. Click the transfer tab and request that the asset be transferred to 'General Assets' or 'Surplus'. The transfer request is then submitted for approval by the administrator.


What happens to the assets of an inactive employee?
Assets assigned to employees who are inactive remain assigned to them until you choose to make changes. To keep the information accurate, be sure to restore items from departed employees to surplus.

How do I delete an Administrator?
There must always be one administrator on the system. To erase an administrator, ensure there are at least two administrators. Since an administrator cannot erase or deactivate themselves, contact another administrator and have them deactivate or erase the desired 'admin' account.


How do I reassign assets to different employees, to a general asset, or to surplus?
To reassign an asset, first locate the asset by either searching for it or browsing through the listings. Once you have located the asset you wish to reassign, use the transfer link next to it and follow the short wizard to make the desired changes.

Why can I cancel some transfers and not others?
Transfers can be cancelled up until the day before the transfer is scheduled to begin. Once the transfer has begun, you can choose to transfer the asset to someone else in the case of a transfer or for sign outs, you choose to sign the item in early.

Why can some dates not be selected when performing a transfer?
Only dates on or after today can be selected. Also, when selecting an end date for a sign out, only dates after the start date and before the next scheduled sign out date are available.

Why can some assets not be signed out?
Only assets designated as 'General Assets' or 'Surplus' can be signed out.

How do I make corrections to transfers?
For transfers, simply cancel the incorrect transfer and create a new transfer with the updated transfer date.


How do I update the number of licenses for a piece of software?
Click 'New License' and select the existing product from the dropdown menu, then fill out the date, quantity and cost. The new license will automatically be associated with the product.

How do I make corrections to licenses?
To correct errors in licensing information, the license must be erased and then re-entered.


What do I do if the installation screen continues to ask to be reloaded ?
This means your MySQL server is not configured properly. By default, MySQL must be on the same server as your web server and scripting and be running on Port 3306 with full privileges for user 'root' and no password.

What do I do if the installation fails?
If the installation fails, attempt to run it again. If it keeps failing, log in manually to MySQL and delete the database it created usually titled the same as last part of the url of this software. Be sure you are deleting the correct database by verifying the table names. Table names to look for include 'Assignments', 'Employees', 'Assets', 'Licenses' and, 'Msgs'. Run the installation again.

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